New Publication: Turkish Labor Law

07 June 2010
Kerem Turunç

TURUNÇ is proud to announce the release of its new book Turkish Labor Law.

Authored by founding partner Noyan Turunç and of counsel Professor Melda Sur, this book is a 239-page comprehensive treatise on Turkish labor and employment laws, including individual and labor relations, pensions and benefits, and restrictive covenants in employment relationships.

If you would like to receive a copy of the book, please email us with your mailing address.

Table of Contents
– About the Authors
– Preface
– Acknowledgments

– Definitions
– Chapter 1: Individual Labor Relations
– Chapter 2: Restrictive Covenants
– Chapter 3: Collective Labor Relations
– Chapter 4: Pensions and Benefits
– Chapter 5: Questions Asked
– Appendix: Labor Law, No. 4857
– Bibliography

May 2010
Printed by Tükelmat A.Ş.
İzmir, Turkey
ISBN: 978-605-60933-1-9