Ümit Eğinlioğlu is a banking projects partner of TURUNÇ.

One of the most experienced banking lawyers in Turkey, Ümit Eğinlioğlu has over 30 years of experience as in-house counsel at various banks including Oyakbank (now ING Bank), Sümerbank (Ege Bank), Kentbank, Emlak Bankası and Denizcilik Bankası.

Ümit Eğinlioğlu’s experience includes banking law compliance, loan agreements, security arrangements, and other banking and finance transactions. She also regularly represents clients on a wide range of litigation matters, particularly relating to banking and finance transactions.

Her sector experience spans a wide spectrum, including real estate, chemicals, insurance, industrial goods, tourism and consumer products.

Ümit Eğinlioğlu graduated from the Ankara University School of Law.