New Publication: The Law and Practice of Mergers and Acquisitions in Turkey

04 January 2010
Kerem Turunç

TURUNÇ is proud to announce the release of its new book The Law and Practice of Mergers and Acquisitions in Turkey.

Authored by founding partner Noyan Turunç, this book is a 278-page comprehensive treatise on the legislation applicable to M&A transactions, and practice notes designed to guide lawyers as well as other participants in M&A transactions.

If you would like to receive a copy of the book, please email us with your mailing address.

Table of Contents
– About the Author
– Acknowledgments
– Chapter 1:
Introduction to Merger and Acquisition Transactions in Turkey
– Chapter 2: Cultural Aspects
– Chapter 3: Legal Background and the Regulatory Framework
– Chapter 4: Merger Transactions
– Chapter 5: Split-Up and Split-Off of Companies
– Chapter 6: Acquisitions
– Chapter 7: Method
– Chapter 8: Tax Considerations
– Chapter 9: Labor and Employment Issues
– Chapter 10: The Capital Markets Legislation
– Chapter 11: Bank Mergers and Acquisitions
– Chapter 12: Merger Control and Competition Law
– Chapter 13: Acquisition Bids Relating to Public Companies
– Chapter 14: Disclosure and Notification Requirements
– Chapter 15: Regulation on Privatization
– Chapter 16: Procedural Formalities
– Chapter 17: Expected Changes in Regulation
– Chapter 18: Questions Asked
– Glossary
– Note on Appendices
– Appendix 1: Communiqué on Principles Regarding Proxy Voting at Shareholders’ Meetings of Public Companies, Proxy Solicitation and Acquisition Bids
– Appendix 2: Communiqué No: 1998/4 Regarding the Methods and Principles to be Pursued During the Course of Pre-Notifications and Applications for Authorization Made to the Competition Authority in Order for Acquisitions via Privatization to be Judicially Valid
– Appendix 3: The Act on the Protection of Competition
– Appendix 4: Foreign Direct Investment Law
– Appendix 5: Regulation for Implementation of the Foreign Direct Investment Law
– Appendix 6: Law on the Work Permit for Foreigners
– Appendix 7: The Announcement Text Prepared for Merger by Acquisition of a Company
– Appendix 8: The Announcement Text Prepared for Merger by Formation of a Company
– Appendix 9: Communiqué on the Mergers and Acquisitions Calling for the Authorization of the Competition Board
– Bibliography

October 2009
Printed by Tükelmat A.Ş.
İzmir, Turkey
ISBN: 978-605-60933-0-2